Pizza Tower

On Blockchain: BNB Chain-BSC
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Updated: Nov 17th 2022

What is Pizza Tower ?

Pizza Tower is a blockchain game in which you have to build a huge pizzeria. By playing Pizza Tower, you can make passive income in the cryptocurrency BNB!

What are the chefs for?
By hiring chefs, you increase the profitability of your pizzeria. Chefs work on an open-ended contract and accept payment in pizza coins.

What is Pizza Coins?
Pizza coins are used to hire new employees and upgrade your pizzeria. You can buy them for BNB
1 🪙 = 0.00002 BNB

What is pizza bucks?
Your pizzeria generates income in pizza bucks. You can freely exchange your pizza bucks for BNB at any time without fees.
100 💵 = 0.00002 BNB

How does pizzeria work?
There is a kitchen on each floor of your pizzeria. The higher the floor and the level of the kitchen, the more profit it brings.

How do I get pizza bucks?
Revenue from all floors goes to the cashier’s office every hour. Collecting profits every day, you will receive pizza bucks in your account.
It is important to collect income daily; otherwise, you may lose part of the profit.

Is there an affiliate program?
The Pizza Tower Affiliate Program will allow you to earn 7% in Pizza Coins and 3% in Pizza Bucks from the deposit of each invited player!

Can I sell my tower?
If you want to finish the game, you can sell your business at any time and get pizza bucks equivalent to 14 days of tower operation. However, you will stop receiving passive income.

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