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Updated: Dec 28th 2022

What is GaGaNode ?

Gaga is a Decentralized IP Marketplace built by Meson Network aimed to alleviate the global shortage of IPv4 addresses with web3.0 technology.

Everyone can Mine Gaga rewards on any PC/Laptop/Android Phone. Utilize your idle resources and mine Gaga rewards.

ℹ️ After registering follow the steps and earn Gaga Rewards. (Read Tutorial/Install&Run)


GaGaNode is developed for helping users to master idle home bandwidth resources independently. Users can participate in Web3 network through Idle Electronics at home without public network IP. GaGaNode encourages everyone to reduce investment in new mining equipment and install GaGaNode on any Idle Electronics such as Raspberry Pi, Android phone, Arm SBC, TV Box, Xbox, Playstation and other electronic devices through software porting as much as possible.

At the moment when the global IPv4 address resources are in short supply, those Future technologies that need to rely on home bandwidth resources to develop can obtain real home bandwidth resources through GaGaNode, thus changing the status quo that home bandwidth resources need to be purchased from hacker channels, making related services more and more trendy. for compliance.


What Meson Network Is

Meson Network is committed to creating an efficient bandwidth marketplace on Web3, using a blockchain protocol model to replace the traditional labor-based sales models, consolidating and monetizing idle bandwidth from long-tail users at a low cost. Meson Network is the foundation of data transmission for decentralized storage, computation, and the emerging Web3 Dapp ecosystem.


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