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Updated: Dec 12th 2022

What is Dream Idols ?

Dream Idols is a Metaverse idol group incorporated with SocialFi fan economics and crypto tokenomics.

Many innovative elements will be offered throughout the Dream Idols entertainment, e.g. exclusive K-POP music & dance production, real-virtual interaction, VR Metaverse concert, etc.

Enjoy the Metaverse through a 360°, multi-sensory experience, entirely rendered in a 4K resolution VR environment. Dream Idols will be accessible through mobiles and VR gear like Oculus, Pico, Vive, etc

Behind each Dream Idol's virtual avatar, a real girl is working relentlessly to become the best Idol on the stage! These girls will be trained in singing and dancing with motion capture equipment to bring you the most immersive VR Metaverse concert experience. Also, daily behind-the-scenes and life-moment sharing with weekly live-streaming will accompany fans with a touchable emotional bonding throughout Idol's career growth.

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