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Updated: Dec 5th 2022

What is AnyCivilization ?

The game is proud to announce that first multidimensional metaverse game in ecosystem. AnyC game is the fastest growing and largest P2E multiplayer third-person game in the Avalanche ecosystem. The game has powered by Unity Engine. It presents to phenomenal gamers the most hype graphics with "play to earn" and "create to earn" concepts. P2E events with a capacity of 100K+ players are organized through portals that provide time-space independence and are included in each player's calendar.

Citizens are able to create their very own NTFs, from outfit they wear to vehicle they drive.

Players can use their designs as game assets. These assets can be outfits, vehicles, weapons or houses.

The game allows the player to use their own NFTs. Citizens know how to create and use NFTs.

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