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What is Wrapped DUCX ?

Ducatus is a disrupting global project that started in 2016. It is now the only crypto project strongly backed by traditional businesses with numerous proof of concepts and digital platforms. As part of the 2021 roadmap, the team recently deployed Wrapped DUCX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and went live on Pancakeswap on August 1st, 2021 to allow the public for the first time to actively trade in WDUCX 

Further listings on some of the top 20 Exchanges are planned before the end of 2021 including the listing on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. As a fork of Ethereum, DucatusX is built to become the platform of choice and the bridge for traditional businesses and investors who realise the need of crypto adoption and the support by a reliable partner. With its approach for sustainable growth, its ability to adjust to market developments through any of its 2 native blockchains, and its readiness to promote its vision for an empowering financial freedom for all set on a strong legal foundation. 

Wrapped DUCX ( WDUCX ) price today is $0.343706299454436. WDUCX price is down -0.59 % in the last 24 hours.


pho do lot

Wducx great

2021-08-10 02:53:48


2 native blockchain wow!

2021-08-13 08:25:40


È un onore far parte di questo progetto. Sicuramente uno dei migliori, fondati sull'economia monetaria.

2021-08-15 20:37:18

Abdulkarim Safwan


2021-08-15 21:01:45

Maik Hans

WDUCX another amazing Coin by to Ducatus as part of the Ducatus ECOSYSTEM🚀🚀🚀

2021-08-17 08:47:05

giuseppe graziosi

DUCX è la moneta del futuro

2021-08-18 16:41:22

Un progetto innovativo basato sulla spendibilità della moneta che rivoluzionerà il mondo economico/ finanziario

2021-08-18 17:06:00

Massimo iuvalè

Ducatus nasce per essere semplice, utile per risolvere bisogni quotidiani, facile per tutti, offrendo molteplici possibilità e vantaggi molto interessanti per i possessori, supportati da una governance costantemente disponibile e presente. 👍👍👏👏

2021-08-18 17:08:59

THoan Luong Ngoc

WDUCX letgo

2021-08-19 03:18:01

luca riccardi

Big Unique and exclusive project !!!

2021-08-19 17:22:16

Sergio Niro

WDUCX is a very nice project and community an amazing coin simple to use. The wallet is very easy and fast and you can exchange, transfer, buy and pay (in different community websites). Very glad to be part of WDUCX community for 4 years now.

2021-08-19 18:58:16

Vu Manh

i see a active community here. i will try $2000 and hold till MARS guys.

2021-08-20 04:46:55

Vu Manh

good price for entry

2021-08-20 04:47:43

THoan Luong Ngoc

WDUCX good

2021-08-20 07:45:57


good coin for new trader

2021-08-20 08:04:42

Hien Truc

Wducx go to moon

2021-08-20 08:09:22

Hien Truc


2021-08-20 08:09:54


Wducx is good coin

2021-08-20 08:15:31

Tue Lam

Wducx very good!

2021-08-20 08:34:03

Le Danh

The go to mon WDUCX

2021-08-20 08:36:51


Wrapped DUCX has no news for the moment !


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