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What is Gangster Finance Token ?

Gangster Finance Token (GFI) is an ERC-31337 implementation on Binance Smart Chain. It's purpose is to serve as the centerpiece to all of the Gangster Finance platform - the ERC-31337 technology and its fee-sharing capabilities enable a next-level style of applications and services to be built upon its ecosystem of contracts. Gangster Finance aims to implement this in the already-existing technologies available via the Gangster Finance platform, as well as via future development.

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Anti Hero

Gangster Finance is a project which was started earlier in 2021, with the aim of creating a platform of smart contracts which are good to use. There are currently 11 single asset staking vaults offering impressive APYs. The site token, GFI (ERC-31337 token standard created by Rootkit Dev Team and ProfessorKronos) was released Sept 21 & will play a key role in future platform development. Gangster Finance is currently partnered to Sidekick Finance & ShibaNova with more partnerships to come. 10 OGs manage the direction of the project & are under the overall supervision of the Don. Tired of rug pulls, awful projects & greedy devs, the Don & OGs have created Gangster Finance to be a safe space for investment & development. Brilliant project, get involved!

2021-10-07 06:04:10


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