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What is LOFCrypto ?

LOFCRYPTO aims to create the largest adult entertainment ecosystem using its native cryptocurrency LOF as the main form of payment.

Please note that LOF is not just an adult entertainment project. All types of content creators are welcome and free to publish the type of content they feel comfortable with and are legally permitted to. Because a great margin of our users are adult entertainment oriented and our marketing is often adult entertainment themed, the whitepaper focuses around this subject. MORE FREEDOM AND PROFIT FOR CONTENT CREATORS The entire LOF ecosystem will be designed and developed with the goal of giving content creators as much control as possible over their own work.

We will never dictate how content creators should run their business by imposing limits and restrictive rules. Every one of them will be able to choose their pricing, without limitation. They are the ones who know the value of their content best.

For example, on our LOF platform, there will be no limit of free trials, no limit on contact blocks or on expired subs. No content censorship, no delayed payments, and no chargebacks when customers pay with cryptocurrencies.

LOF will cut those middlemen fees and give creators more incentive to produce content. Creation of a generous referral program for content creators are also on the platform to incentivize organic growth, while also creating a support system. CRYPTO AS A PAYMENT METHOD - ANONYMITY FOR CUSTOMERS Our ecosystem provides anonymity through the blockchain using the LOF token and other cryptocurrencies like BNB and BUSD.

No more bank statements. There will be an option to use credit cards on the platform, but it is no longer mandatory. Using only crypto allows users to stay anonymous.

The best is yet to come! An ecosystem of utility awaits!

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