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What is Meta Billionaires Club ?

One of the greatest community comeback stories in crypto history is currently being written...

Huge marketing out of the gate was displaced. During launch the telegram was attacked by bots for days, the battle was long and arduous, but the community stuck together.

Team differences divided the original owners and mod teams, and took a toll on the community, chart and project, but the community stood together.

Unfortunately real life happened for the original project devs, causing them to take a step back from the project and leaving it to the community to keep it alive. The chart tanked, the fud was real.  But the diamond hands held and banded together

A man named Thomas along with a handful of other core investors held it down, keeping the morale strong and creating the strongest diamond hands in the BSC. When it came time for the devs to rejoin the telegram, they saw the drive and strength of the community and graciously handed over the project.  Now the keys to the project have been placed in the right hands!

The community has banded together and under the new management the chart is beginning one of the most legendary reversals of BSC, all because this community stuck together!

Now it's time to bring the Meta Billionaires Club to the greatness it was always meant for.  This is what a community looks like, and we will blow away the entire BSC space. 

This is what we have conquered so far by sticking together, and we are finally just getting started.

The road to $1 Billion is being paved NOW, join the club and walk it with us. 


Meta Billionaires Club ( MetaBC ) price today is $0.000000570976318. MetaBC price is up 3.7 % in the last 24 hours.


Meta Billionaires Club has no news for the moment !


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❖ Rank Jadeite : 10,000 - 19,999 votes.

❖ Rank Blue Diamond : > 20,000 votes.