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What is KLing Token ?

First Human Acts Play 2 Earn Gamefi Blockchain Technology Web 3.0 Creator Economy Kling will create a new Metaverse for earning through the human-based activities Many block chain technologies have helped digitize various aspects of the world on the Blockchain. Kling will be the first of its kind to digitize human activities onto Blockchain through Gamefi, bringing forth a new age of “Optionality to Human Digital Acts”. We prefer investing in people’s spare time and wish for people to generate income through basic skill rather than valuation of securities only. Which will allow users to earn KLING Tokens through Human Activites We prefer investing in people’s Idle time and wish for people to generate income through basic skills. We want to help generate income for all people throughout IDLE MINE app – integrated with KLING Token. You can use your other crypto currencies to buy or swap for KLINGtoken, opt for various challenges – complete them successfully to win rewards – further KLING tokens. Further down the road map we will launch more Gamefi based platforms to enrich the community of Play 2 Earn. Kling will launch an NFT game that will allow users to buy NFT scratch packs, buyer has to input 3 numbers and if corresponding numbers match the number on the scratch card, user will be awarded Kling tokens. Moral Mission: Kling will act as a utilitarian of human digital life, helping bring food to the plates of the unemployed and underpaid. Our vision is to make the gaming community closer and to make it stronger with the help of Gamefi and Blockchain. Our Websites - www.klingmetaverse.io/ kling.finance/ YouTube - www.youtube.com/channel/UCbeVNfJBACmR3OFx35NchDQ Twitter - twitter.com/KlingMetaverse Facebook - www.facebook.com/gaming/klingmetaverse Telegram - t.me/klingmetaverse

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