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What is Floki Frunkpuppy ?

The purpose of making this coin is to solve the defects of the existing coins.
floki coin is developed on the binance Smart chain network which is based on the blockchain. Our open-source project can redistribute power from unaccountable structures to the margins of individuals which is going to increase security and transparency of the society.

Floki Frunkpuppy has come to stay !!!

Floki coin has learned a few tips and lessons from it's competitors.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the existing coins is the lack of transparency.

We have solved this problem and everyone can see the burnt floki coin's in the blockchain. The total supply will decrease after each token burning. With this link, you can see the token burning
we also have a reward system which everyone can see it in the blockchain!
,floki frunkpuppy was born online by DogeCoin fans.He is looking to impress you with his new show! Improve transaction speed!Low commission cost!

The attraction of Floki coins is to give reward coins to the  holders for  commission of buying and selling coins! So 5% of each transaction will be added to random wallets automatically.

On special events, we will announce on our social media and we increase the amount of rewards for holders (for example, in a seven-day event, we increase the amount of coin holders bonuses, Or we give them a special bonus at random.).Good news for Floki coin lovers We have a big event! when coin holders reach one million we burn half the total coins!

We also have a charity wallet to support climate change and help animals(Shiba dog) Please note that donating to our charity wallet is completely optional. We do not charge any fees for donation transaction!


Our team has plans for floki Frunkpuppy growth:

1.Auto burn token that all users on the network can easily see.

2.We reward coin holders at random

3.The good news for our project lovers is that when coin reach one million  holders, we will burn half of the total supply

4. Our project holds various events for new holders and buyers, including AirDrop

5.The good news for Floki holders: We are launching a large bitcoin farm that will be up and running soon. The goal of the project is for people to be able to easily and decentrally share in our project by purchasing Floki coin to being part of us.

6.Creating a decentralized exchange

7.Create a dedicated blockchain that helps improve our goals

8.Supporting decentralized communities

9.Supporting artists in the field of NFT

10.Support and build games under blockchain

and etc


Floki Frunkpuppy ( Floki ) price today is $0.000006249687462. Floki price is up 8.02 % in the last 24 hours.


Mohsen Ak

this token has very powerful plan and less quantity. so we have a great Future and very pumpfulfill price

2021-11-07 22:44:51

Ahmet ATA

good project

2022-04-03 02:52:05


Floki Frunkpuppy has no news for the moment !

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