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What is Laqira Token ?

What is Laqira?

A Metaverse Complex, Tunneling Between People on Earth and Blockchain-Based Technologies.

An integrated metaverse complex offering beneficial services and technologies including Defi, Gamefi, wallet, exclusive dapps and so on, with the friendliest user interface for the users

Laqira Token ( LQR ) price today is $0.004226519971629. LQR price is up 0.91 % in the last 24 hours.


Mohsen T

LQR (Laqira) is just a scam token! Stay away! The creator of the token owns 98% of the supply! He anounced the token in his VIP paid group when it was $0.46 on bkex (the starting price was $0.01!) and asked everyoneto buy. I bought it at that price and the price dropped after a minute to $0.2 (you can anticipate who sold them at those prices!) and it is going down further and further! Before buying the token you can just check TokenSniffer website or try to join their Telegram group and ask them about anything about shady stuff they are doing behind the scene (like why all the supply is unlocked or who are those who have huge amount of token and received ot before the announcement AND selling tokens gradually then you'll be banned and removed from the group immediately (that's what happened to me). They almost removed half of the leople in the group till now!!! They should be reported to officials but the creator is Iranian so ... I lost my funds. Be aware not to lose yours.

2021-11-18 21:59:26


Laqira Token has no news for the moment !


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