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What is RecycliFi ?

#1 What is RecycliFi?

RecycliFi is a DApp with SocialFi & GameFi Elements. 
Users can earn RCF (RecycliFi) tokens by collecting and recycling trash.
So basically a Crypto App which pays you for picking up trash.
As a reward Users get RCF tokens which they then can convert into USDC (Stablecoin) and withdraw to their own personal Wallet.
#2 How does it work?

Simply download the App from the GooglePlay or Appstore and set-up an account. Connect your wallet and 
After that you are basically good to go.

To earn RCF tokens Users have to pick up trash, recycle it and send a verification photo in which will then be approved or disapproved by our build in Artificial Intelligence.
If the A.I isn't able to evalute the verification photo then it will be sent to one of our employees.

To learn more about it simply head over to the #rules tab in our DApp where everything is explained in detail.

#3 How do I withdraw my token?

To withdraw your tokens you have to convert them into USDC (a Stablecoin) first.
You can do that by going into the #Converter tab in the DApp and choose how much you would like to convert.
After converting your RCF tokens you are able to withdraw USDC to your Metamask (Wallet). 

If you want to learn more about it check out our Website.

#4 How to contact us?

You are able to contact us by going to the bottom of our Website and writing us an E-Mail. 
Or over at Telegram in our Group.

RecycliFi ( RCF ) price today is $0.005266903225055. RCF price is down 0 % in the last 24 hours.

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