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What is QUARKS AI ?


The idea of backing a cryptocurrency with a mining reserve or gold backing stems from the intention to give it tangible backing and intrinsic value. Here are some reasons why some people consider this backing important:

1. Price value support: By backing a cryptocurrency with physical assets such as gold, the aim is to support the price of a cryptocurrency so that it never falls below market release and to create price supports as its price increases and increase the demand for the cryptocurrency in the market and avoid the extreme volatility often associated with cryptocurrencies. This can make the coin more valuable and attractive as a store of value.

2. Investor confidence: Backing in gold or mining assets can generate investorconfidence, as they feel that the currency has real value backed by scarce natural resources.

3. Inflation protection: Gold, in particular, has historically been used as a hedge against inflation, and a gold-backed cryptocurrency could offer similar protection against loss of value over time.

4. Facilitate international transactions: By backing a cryptocurrency with assets such as gold, it is expected to be more accepted and usable in international transactions, as its value is directly related to valuable resources.

The tokenization of gold from two dams in the Piura region, Peru.

The project

The project consists of the tokenization of 74,000 kg of gold from the Poechos dam and 5,800 kg of gold from the San Lorenzo dam, both in the Piura region. Gold is found in the form of particles dragged by water from the mountains and accumulated at the bottom of the dams.


The project has the support of a consortium and a government, which provides a high degree of security and confidence to the investment.


Blockchain technology will be used to tokenize gold, which allows the creation of a digital representation of gold that can be transferred and traded securely and transparently.


The project offers a series of advantages for investors

Investment in a tangible and valuable asset: Gold is a safe haven asset with a long history of value and stability.

High return potential: It is estimated that the value of tokenized gold could exceed $4.4 billion.

Access to a global market: Gold tokenization allows investors to access a global market quickly and easily.

Security and transparency: Blockchain technology provides a high degree of security and transparency to the investment.


This is a unique opportunity to invest in an innovative project with a high return potential. The project is backed by a consortium and a government, and uses blockchain technology to provide investment security and transparency.

We have mining concessions in different locations in Peru, of which we have deemed appropriate to allocate the first title, a mining concession of 100 hectares, located in the department of Arequipa, province of Caravelí and district of Huanuhuanu. The title is registered under code Nº010100923, Approved on 05/02/2023

Which contains an approximate 1850 kg of mineable gold, conservatively, which has been ascertained with satellite surveys, and mapped the area with high penetration sensors from satellites and analyzed with artificial intelligence. This concession will be allocated in its entirety from the extracted minerals to the gold reserve for the backing and value support of the QUARKS AI coin cryptocurrency.

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