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What is NBOX ?

Since the birth of NBOX on April 19th, 2022, we have always aimed to provide users with the best quality entertainment and gaming dApp as well as building a comprehensive metaverse ecosystem.

"Super Hero" is the first game of the NBOX platform. In the “Super Hero” game there is a collection of competitiveness, adventure, guilds, automated mining and other immersive gameplays! The N-Guard’s can contest automatically and generate “production”, the higher your level, the more production there is produced.

The main production includes gold coins, aqua elements and props just to name a few. The player's CS (Combat Strength), weapon quantity and quality, and even the player's daily strategy will affect the game's production.

In addition to Super Hero, There are another THREE GAMES that are under preparation and development, and they are "Space Pirates", "Dragon Quest" and "Group Mining". All of these games will take Play2Earn to another level! So make sure you stay tuned and immerse yourself in the gaming experience that will come to the NBOX platform!

NBOX ( NBOX ) price today is $0.025381073567956. NBOX price is up 229.85 % in the last 24 hours.


NBOX Platform Update 04th August

  em🙌🙌Dear NBOXersem emTeam NBOX is extremely grateful for all the support that NBOXers have shown us over the past several months. We believe that this unique and innovative Fi ecosystem will onboard the next billion users to the blockchain.em emNBOX platform in the next six months will gradually enter the 2.0 era, This is just the beginning ofem emstrongNBOX’sstrongem eminfinite ambition, and the largerem emstrongNBOXstrongem*-verse will be gradually unveiled.* 📰Let’s have a look at this week’s news here: ul li strongPlatform Statsstrong li li strongGroup Mining Game Launchedstrong li li strongAudit-Free Withdraw & Deposit in the Safe Utility Updatestrong li li strongTreasure Chest Eventstrong li li strongIncreased Airdrop Reward in Adventurestrong li ul 📊Platform Stats: ul li Total N-Guard NFTs: strong4,639strong li li Current strongNBOXstrong in strongcirculation: 984,851.0508strong li li Total strongNBOX Burnedstrong: strong1,908,450strong li li Current Market Cap: strong$87,735.9508strong li ul 🤖Group Mining Game Launched🎮 🌟Launched Group to Kill the BOSS, Win Max $2000 BUSD :     🏦strongAudit-Free Withdraw & Deposit in the Safe Utility Update💰strong ⭐Audit-free withdrawal means that the system will automatically process the withdrawal instruction immediately after receiving the withdrawal order; ⭐The funds in the safe now can be used to upgrade the N-Guard, but using funds in the safe takes burning fees; strong🎁Treasure Chest Event📕strong ⭐During the event, players can get a lucky treasure chest every time they increase their Hash Rate by 50 every day. strongUsing the lucky treasure chest can get random item rewards.strong strong🚁Increased Airdrop Reward in Adventure🏆strong ⭐After players entering the adventure , they can participate in the coupon lottery. The more weapons in the adventure, the higher the combat power and the greater the probability of winning. Stay Tuned for more & exciting things to come!   #Play2Earn @ a href="https:nbox.io" target="_blank"nbox.ioa Team NBOX...

by Aug 5th 2022 17:58


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