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What is MyLottoCoin ?

A fully permissionless DeFi-Powered Play-2-Earn Lottery DApp. Designed to Empower Players and Conventionalize Blockchain Gaming Experience.


It's the long sought solution to a fair and modern lottery model, leveraging the advantages of blockchain technology that offers a practical approach to simplifying the current online lottery model and fixing its defects by enabling fast, reliable, and tamper-proof technology access to players, while maintaining the traditional elements.

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No Random Number Generator in Lotteries Explained!

The core process of any lottery is the means by which winners are selected. This is done through a Random Number Generation (RNG), which in most cases, is a method of which the winning numbers in a lottery is chosen by the lottery organization using some sort of internal or external software. Since the advent of the large-scale lottery, many techniques have been invented to determine the winning numbers in the fairest way possible. One method is to randomly generate numbers to declare as winning numbers. But this way of generating numbers, is not randomized enough and here we are explaining why RNG is not an effective way. Solidity and other blockchain programming languages are not capable of creating random numbers. Infact, every algorithm for creating random numbers is pseudorandom — no programming language can create completely random numbers. The problem with Solidity is that complex algorithms cost more (every interaction with smart contract is considered a transaction, hence needs a gas fee to be covered), so more basic solutions are used. Besides that, Solidity code should be deterministic, as it will run on multiple nodes.   Things like a clock time (a very good medium of creating unique states) are not available for generating random numbers, so other options should be considered. But other options come at the cost of either not being comprehensive and truly random or being prone to various cyber security attacks. One of the most used algorithms is ‘linear congruential generator’ (LCG). It’s one of the oldest algorithms, fast, and easy to understand. LCG is a good option for embedded systems as they have a limited amount of memory. However, it is not well-suited for cryptographically secure applications. Although, this is still being used in smart contracts as a fast algorithm and is much cheaper to implement in terms of gas costs. The problem with RNG is that widespread that any individual with a programming background and good searching command can conclude that randomly generated numbers are not comprehensively random and can be tampered or altered by an adversary. To summarize, RNG is not a good solution to declare winning numbers for the current blockchain technology. Thus, MyLottoCoin uses winning numbers that are declared by official lotteries through a robust process, to declare winning numbers on its platform. To do that, a href="" target="_blank"MyLottoCoina captures the winning numbers for each draw, from the official websites of official lottery games, and feed them as the winning numbers to the smart contract. From this point, MyLottoCoin’s smart contract uses those numbers to identify the winners. Tap into the first of its kind the fairest decentralised lottery game....

by Dec 21st 2021 06:58


MyLottoCoin; A Survivor of the Killer Whale of DeFi Ocean

Last quarter of 2021 has been big for MyLottoCoin. After a long year of endurance and hard work the team started creating hype around MyLottoCoin DApp launch on BSC. After the initial DApp launch on the Ethereum back in summer ‘20, the team shockingly announced its full migration to Binance Smart Chain at the beginning of last August. Not too shabby, looking at network congestion and excessive gas fees suffered by their original host, Ethereum, the killer whale of DeFi ocean. Keeping their original tokenomics intact, 100M brand new BEP-20 MYL tokens, the project’s native utility token, were issued and successfully airdropped to all their original ERC-20 MYL token holders and early backers. a href="" target="_blank"MyLottoCoina not only survived over a year of challenges but came out stronger and more alive than ever! With renewed spirit and even better benefits for players and token holders, DApp launch was long awaited and came hand in hand with Europe’s top tier exchange, WhiteBit, scheduled for the 22nd of November, 2021. MyLottoCoin is a fully permissionless DeFi-powered play-to-earn lottery DApp, designed to empower players and conventionalize blockchain gaming experience with a touch from traditional lotteries providing a full inclusion model and a first of its kind community-centric reward program reconceptualizing the lottery model and offering a multifaceted approach to simplifying the current lottery model and fixing its defects. a href="" target="_blank"MyLottoCoin is a DAppa to keep an eye on. It not only establishes a link between the traditional world and the blockchain era, but it also brings the most wished decentralized features into play and yet not missing out on traditional users by incorporating the rules of classic games, something that usually futuristic Blockchain powered projects miss out on, and failing in providing a full inclusion model. The DApp represents a crypto-lottery game that follows traditional lottery rules. Thanks to the smart contract, every single step of the process in autonomous and even winning numbers are external to the platform. Random number generators (RNG) can be somewhat predicted or manipulated and this is one of the top bets: MyLottoCoin replicates official lottery games, meaning that the same rules, number picking methods, draw schedules and winning numbers are followed exactly. No RNG plus the fact that no data is stored make MyLottoCoin foolproof and nearly impossible not to rely on. Probably, their most attractive feature is the fact that 50% of their total token supply is allocated for free distribution among players. This means that the lottery is a real life working product that has a value by itself, unlike any other crypto-project out there, where the tokenscryptocurrencies are at the center. Instead, the community is the center of MyLottoCoin, and the MYL token was conceived to change the fate of players and give them back their luck. It’s as simple as this: for every 5 lottery tickets purchased at once, players automatically receive 10MYL tokens airdropped in the same wallet they have paid from. Tickets are paid in BNB and this is where it gets interesting: ul liOnly 5% is destined to project expenses which is spent for development and marketingli li85% represents the highest portion of collected money fully allocated to the prize poolli li10% remaining of ticket sales is redistributed quarterly among MYL token holders (100MYL and above) as long as they hold their tokens in their wallet during the reward ul Who said staking? No, staking means putting your assets somewhere (out of your hands, actually) so you can get some returns in the same crypto asset. This is what MyLottoCoin calls play-to-earn hodl-to-reward: Besides playing to win, effortlessly receive free MYL tokens (play-2-earn), and you keep your tokens in your own wallet of choice, having full control of your assets and receive BNB passively for as long as you hold them, irrespective of playing games (Hodl-2-reward). A successful year seems to be around the corner for the MyLottoCoin team and players who might get to the moon sooner than we think!...

by Dec 21st 2021 06:56


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