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What is XDRIP ?

XdRiP is a decentralized meme token that provides passive income to its holders in the form of automatic 5% distribution of XRP rewards. XdRiP was created in hopes of setting a new standard for community driven project. The founding Devs come from a variety of backgrounds and multiple projects to include a wide range in levels of leadership. Seeing strength among the holders and since of unity amongst them drove the Devs to want to continue that into another project they could call their own. Initially, the focus was to bring in holders and supporters who shared the mindset behind not only a passion for crypto but a desire for a long-term project they could call home. Through community support, a strong sense of teamwork, and endless nights we all know so well we work to grow XdRiP to its highest potential. With XdRiP you get much more than a safe investment. You have a huge community backing full of support and an outstanding Dev team who believes in engagement, transparency, and a drive for on-going achievement. Our goals here at XdRiP vary as we continue to navigate the roadmap for the project. Short term: - Establishing a solid platform for an invested community and supporters of various degrees. - Providing an XdRiP swap that is streamlined and user friendly. Allowing investors to purchase the XdRiP token directly on the XdRiP website from PC or mobile devices. - Providing a multi – chain bridge directly on the XdRiP website to allow investors to swap for XdRiP tokens from various block chains. Mid-term: - Establish a line of unique XdRiP NFT’s. Long Term: - Develop and implement a P2E (play to earn) gaming application in a retro arcade-based platform. - Establish a wallet that will carry the XdRiP DAPPS.

XDRIP ( XdRiP ) price today is $0.000311194732497. XdRiP price is up 3.08 % in the last 24 hours.


Amos Langaigne

Loving Everything XdRiP. Great Community, Fantastic Rewards, Phenomanal Transparent Dev Squad. This is just the beginning of Something Very unique. Load up your XdRiP.

2022-08-03 07:51:03


XDRIP has no news for the moment !


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Rule get rank vote on CoinAlpha

❖ Rank Red Beryl : 500 - 999 votes.

❖ Rank Emerald : 1,000 - 1,999 votes.

❖ Rank Ruby : 2,000 - 4,999 votes.

❖ Rank Pink Diamond : 5,000 - 9,999 votes.

❖ Rank Jadeite : 10,000 - 19,999 votes.

❖ Rank Blue Diamond : > 20,000 votes.