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What is Catena Protocol ?

CTENA Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that provide a suite tool for decentralized investments backed by CTENA Token. The CTENA Dapp is designed to enable high yields and low risk using smart contracts technology (the capital remain in your hands!).


CTENA Dapp Vaults


Using the new CTENA Dapp you can:


I) Buy CTENA Token

CTENA is the Legacy Token with autoliquidity and burning features. Deflationary and designed to capture value and govern the community project.


How to BUY $CTENA Token


🥞 PancakeSwap - A next evolution DeFi exchange on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Click here for BUY CTENA token (instructions also below)


II) Stake tokens

Stake CTENA Token and SAKAMOTO, CDEFI, CALT and CSTABLE LP share tokens to earn more CTENA Token each minute.

  • CTENA, CTENA-BNB LP and WBNB Staking

III) Invest in our Vaults

Leveraging our Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer platform you can invest in CAKE, BTCB-BNB LP, ETH-BNB LP, BTCST-BNB LP, etc... and earn more tokens/liquidity pool shares.

IV) Invest in our CTENA Index Funds [beta]:

  • Catena Nakamoto Index Fund is an optimized compound of the top-tier cryptocurrencies (currently BTC, ETH, ADA);

  • Catena Defi Index Fund is an optimized compound of best cryptocurrencies in DeFi market (currently XVS, CREAM, BIFI, CAKE, UNI, DODO, TWT);

  • Catena Altcoin Index Fund is an optimized compound of best altcoins in the market (currently XTZ, BAND, LINK, ADA, ETH, EOS, DOT);

    • by depositing here an LP token (CALT) will be relased to your address.


  • Catena Stablecoin Index Fund is an optimized compound of best stable coins (BUSD, DAI, USDT, USDC);

  • Catena Protocol DAO Fund is a community fund governed with a DAC, you can enter your proposal of token to be included or excluded from the fund;

    • by depositing here an DAC share token (CTDAO) will be relased to your address.

  • Farming and Utility Token (coming soon).

  • NFT Marketplace (coming soon) started a very good partnership.

You need more then 1,000,000,000 Ctena for use CTENA Index Funds



Catena Protocol ( CTENA ) price today is $0.000000000000824. CTENA price is down -2.2 % in the last 24 hours.


CTENA Finance Project update #3 nov2021

The strongCTENA Projectstrong is happy to announce the new strongCTENA Finance websitestrong. We are celebrating starting the first strongCTENA meme conteststrong, check it out on our website!).br CTENA meme contest rules:br We are trhilled to announce our first •••CTENA MEME COMPETITION**** ol liFOLLOW CTENA ON TELEGRAMli liMAKE A CTENA MEMEli liPOST IT HEREli ol **** THE WINNER RECEIVE A ZERO FEE CTENA CONTRACT!!!! 😎❤️ #memes #competition #ctenafinance #bsc #artblockchain #memesdaily #art #awards new websiteh2 On CTENA new website you can find all the information about the Catena Protocol’s products in CTENA Finance DeFi Yield Farming dApp and all the link to follow the community project. Check out a href="" target="_blank"https:ctena.financea!!!br br   h2CTENA NFTsh2 We released also the CTENA NFT’s CRYPTOBOY Market! a href="" target="_blank" The Cryptoboy CTENA NFT dApp give the CTENA holders the possibility to mint a brand new Cryptoboy and sell it on the Cryptoboy marketplace. br Catena Protocol also releases a collection on Binance’s NFT Marketplace Featured! The auction of the NFTized Catena Protocol Logo will raise funds for our marketing budget! Be the first to buy Binance Featured CTENA NFTs!!! a href="https:www.featured.marketprofilectenaprotocol" target="_blank"https:www.featured.marketprofilectenaprotocola   h2CTENA dApp updatesh2 A huge amount of updates has been released for our dApp. First to be mention is the Boost 🔥 for APY of our CAKE-BNB LP Vault (now offer ~200% APY, 0.54% daily).  Also di CAKE Vault is burning! We offer more APY than Pancakeswap on the same token or liquidity pool pair. CTENA Vault CAKE APY ~78.05% > APY ~77.49% Pancakeswap Auto CAKE pool. Do you know that you can invest your BNB liquidity into the liquidity pool of e.g. CAKE-BNB LP with just one click, by choosing BNB from the dropdown menu in the deposit text field. With one transaction (tx) you will deposit BNB to the CTENA Vault contract, that autonomously will:br I tx) swap half of the BNB in CAKE;br II tx) put x BNB and y CAKE in the CAKE-BNB LP on pancakeswap v2br III tx) deposit the CAKE-BNB LP token share in the CAKE-BNB LP vault. … with the savings of two BSC transaction fees It has been added also an “HARVEST” button to each Vault that enables users harvest vault reward fees. Part of the vault reward fees are used to buyback CTENA.  ...

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