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What is ECCHI COIN ?

⚔️ Ecchicoin is a Anime themed BSC token that also acts as a kickstarter for its own Anime television series.

🥷 The team has already built a NFT marketplace, Dapp and P2E game, all available on the Ecchicoin platform.

🔅 The team has partnered with the top names in Anime, and has created its own original music for the project.

🔮 The Ecchi Dapp gives users the ability to view their wallet, claim airdrops and view the latest news surrounding the Ecchi ecosystem.

🦅 The NFT marketplace will have 2 sections: (1) the Official marketplace, where users can buy official Ecchicoin NFTs (limited supply) and (2) Blackmarket, which is an open marketplace that allows users to sell any of their own NFTs.

🔥 The P2E Isekai Battle game will allow users to win NFTs, Ecchicoin and even USDT.

🌪️ Large anime stars such as Cherami Leigh, Kira Buckland and Morgan Berry have joined the project to do voiceover work for the game and other parts of the platform, and Ecchi also has partered with Mika Kobayashi to sing its own theme song, "The Golden Palace".

⚡ Ecchicoin is a high quality, complete project, launching on BSC next week, and is set to moon given the market strength in P2E games and NFTs.

🛡️ The team has been working on this project for months, and the community is already bustling with over 8k TG users.

🏁 The Echhi tokenomics include sliding scale transaction taxes that go down as the market cap goes up, which reflect back to holders, are used for marketing, and of course will help fund Ecchi's own Anime series.

🌙This is a super exciting project and opportunity to get in on the ground floor before it takes off

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📃Contract Address:0x7b1A334492a1EC407631A40014F01F913c753e33

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ECCHI COIN ( ECCHI ) price today is $0.000000000000006. ECCHI price is up 1.41 % in the last 24 hours.


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