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What is Meta Age of Empires ?

MAoE's development team has years of expertise building high-quality technology projects. Over the years, we have pondered and undertaken numerous groundbreaking projects in the gaming industry in order to provide gamers with amazing experiences. Now, owing to blockchain technology and the NFT (Non-Fungible-Token), we can achieve that aim. We are able to add actual value to our in-game characters and products by encoding them into NFTs and creating a market for them. Our goal is to create a world-class NFT ecosystem in the blockchain environment that provides long-term value to our users and investors. A vast ecosystem of BSC-based games, a highly liquid NFT Marketplace, world-class collections, and the MAoE global community with 200,000 members to begin with. MAoE is a “PLAY TO EARN” game built on the BSC platform. In Meta Age of Empires, players will embody cyborgs, go on an adventure to uncover the treasures, and learn more about mankind's once-famous civilizations. Meta Age of Empires features basic yet appealing gameplay that is appropriate for all ages, and the game also demands players to think creatively in order to find a variety of priceless gems. These are the significant benefits that contribute to the game's unique appeal. Being enveloped in the rapid growth of Blockchain technology as well as the NFT coding trend, which is quickly entering the conventional gaming industry with a big number of Crypto believers. Meta Age of Empires promises to make significant advancements in the project's development as well as the day-by-day completion of the full Ecosystem established by our developers. Binance Smart Chain technology (BSC/BEP20) is used to build the game's platform. In-game objects are encrypted in NFT format to allow for P2P peer-to-peer transactions and to support the Play to Earn (P2E) system.

Meta Age of Empires ( MAoE ) price today is $0.042944629241562. MAoE price is down -98 % in the last 24 hours.


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