Elon Tweet Inu $EMTI


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What is Elon Tweet Inu ?

Elon Tweet Inu aims to establish itself as the final word on Elon Inu's.


Elon Tweet Inu believes in blockchain, not a blocked up chain. Elon Tweet Inu stands for utility, not futility.


Countless projects launch derived from one time, single, solitary Elon Tweets – gambling on the off chance Musk will continue to tweet a fleeting buzzword. Elon Tweet Inu asks, why settle for less, when you can have it all?


Elon Tweet Inu is a one-stop covers-all meme coin, valid with all and every Elon Tweet. It is the alpha omega, the ultimate Inu, the dawning of a new age in Inu-tility and Inu-vation. From this day forward, all future projects derived from Elon Tweets will be rendered obsolete. Such is the nature of Elon Tweet Inu.


We believe in longevity, our vision is for an ongoing longterm project, we are truly bullish on the future of Elon Tweet Inu.


Let it be known that Elon Tweet Inu holds a firm and deep respect for all existing projects derived from Elon Tweets. These brave pioneers have paved the way forward for our existence, and for this, we are eternally grateful.


For this reason, Elon Tweet Inu aims to establish the Elon Tweet Alliance – uniting all existing Elon Tweet tokens under one all-encompassing banner. Projects launched after the dawning of Elon Tweet Inu will not be considered for a seat at the table under any circumstances. Utility, not futility.


This is the manifesto of Elon Tweet Inu – aka the $EMTI token. $EMTI your wallet today.


Elon Tweet Inu ( EMTI ) price today is $0.000002268561619. EMTI price is up 6.47 % in the last 24 hours.


Elon Tweet Inu has no news for the moment !


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