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What is MetaNFTGaming ?

"At first we are a reward token which benefits his holders in five different ways when we made every step from our roadmap. First reward is 2% BNB rewards. Not very exciting but intresting for many investors. Second thing is our NFT marketplace. It will be live in Q4. There you will be able to buy sell and stake your NFTs. Later on you will be able to use these NFTs in the P2E games to get better in them. For example our first P2E will be an egoshooter. With our NFTs you will be able to play with other weapons or to change the hardware of your weapons. Also you will be able to change your skin. If you dont like your NFT anymore you can just sell it to anybody else who would like to use it in the games. But the main thing is our launchpad. The launchpad will be created for everyone it will be like Pinksale, Poocoin and honeypot checker all in one site. The users of our launchpad will be able to see all the important information about the project on one site. They will see the chart, how many and how long the lp is locked, a live contract scanner for changes at the taxes or anything else. We want that the own research of every investor will be easier than now. We want to create a rugfree area in this. So every project which wants to get listed has to lock their lp on our launchpad as well. And there will be a community ticket system. When somebody is thinking that he got scammed we will check this and we will not give the lp out but airdrop it to all the holders who got scammed. When the developers knows, they will stay away and we will have a safe area for safe projects. Also welcome are degen plays like stealth launches or fairlaunches. They have a big community and they love the play with some money but its difficult to find legit ones where you dont get rugged. And theese projects will they find on our platform. We will take low fees for launching on our launchpad and distribute them to our holders as rewards. So that we will be the first project which rewards its holders from other developers and other projets. But we will still be cheaper than other launchpads. We have 9% buy and sell tax. 2% BNB rewards 2% Buyback 2% LP 3% Marketing"

MetaNFTGaming ( MNG ) price today is $0.000004040917629. MNG price is down -6.42 % in the last 24 hours.


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