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What is EveryApe ?



We are a community driven token, that came together while trying to breathe life into a dead contract. As a community, we decided to take our liquidity, and have our expert team of devs work tirelessly to build us our very own Custom Contract. Not a fork. Not an imitation. A one of a kind, safe, un-ruggable contract. With Tokenomics that will ensure each and every diamond handed holder will reap the rewards for years to come!

Come to our telegram and meet our community face to face, so you can see why it is we believe in this team, this contract, and this community, to take us to the moon and beyond!

EveryApe ( EVAPE ) price today is $0.000000000836086. EVAPE price is up 0.8 % in the last 24 hours.



EveryApe hold and earn 5% reflections on sells and Buys. Beta stage of unique casino game and live coming soon will be game changer. Stake and earn chips to play and earn more EVAPE as well as massive prizes. DYOR checkout the TG https://t.me/Every_Ape_BSC_BSC

2021-09-26 16:25:15


Everyape.com is all about rewarding our investors We've launched on ETH and BSC with two contacts available Recently we're launching a casino at EveryApe.casino To play you: Buy EVAPE on either chain (Earn 5% reflections on all buys and sells) Go to prismnetwork.io and put your EVAPE into the farming pool (Earning you an additional APY) By farming, you will also earn APECHIPS You can play on our casino with APECHIPS to earn enough to buy an NFT! Once our NFT gaming goes live (soon) you will be able to use these NFTs to play for BNB! So, 1.Buy EVAPE and earn, 2.Farm and earn. 3.Play with a secondary currency so you never lose your investment 4. Play our one of a kind NFT games to WIN BNB! 5.Soon we will have NFT prize packs, if you win a full set of NFTs you win a GRAND PRIZE! (PS5, Lamborghini, or an actual trip to space on a space tourism flight!!) Farming raises the floor, gaming keeps you winning while never gambling with your investment 🚀

2021-10-26 14:32:41


Free promo for registering at everyape.casino receive ApeChips to play in the casino Hundreds of High Quality games to play in the first ever Crypto DeFi casino You don't lose your money, you PlaytoEarn to win NFTs and major prizes

2021-11-12 17:15:03


$EVAPE Looking good on the charts. Very solid upward trend. #DeFiCasino running smoothly and people playing and wining lots of ApeChips for next stage of #NFTGaming to win #BNB and Major prizes.

2021-11-13 02:59:47


easy to register at everyape.casino then wait for ApeChips to be dropped into your account before playing in Casino. You can only use the ApeChips inside the casino to play with. Get as many as you can to have more NFT's collected.

2021-11-13 03:02:07


once the slackers from CMC get the contract right on their site it's best to go to the Telegram group or Everyape.com to get correct contract and details of everything coming up!

2021-11-22 10:44:49


EveryApe has no news for the moment !


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