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What is Galaxy Force X ?

"GALAXY FORCEX Galaxy ForceX (GFX) is a place where you can enjoy and experience Blockchain Game world on the featured and profitable Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. We have many years of experience creating professional games with engaging gameplay experiences. Galaxy ForceX (GFX) had ideas of revolution on Blockchain platform, bringing more profit value to players. Now we can actualize those ideas, especially with NFT. By transforming GFX in-game items into NFTs and creating a marketplace to buy and sell on the NFT Market. GFX provides real value NFT items that players benefit from. Galaxy ForceX (GFX) builds a leading NFT ecosystem in the Blockchain space that brings sustainable value to players and investors. Strategic partners, affiliated with Galaxy ForceX including: - Backer: BNB, FMUSK, METAMASK, F7 Studio, Jeritex Exchange - Partner: FG Bank, FM VA, Vlad, minRisk, GF-Capital, K’s Capital The comprehensive ecosystem includes Galaxy ForceX - Space Battle role-playing game (RPG) on BSC. The NFT market is highly liquid with world-class NFT collections. Galaxy Force X (GFX) brings financial freedom and ownership of in-game assets to players. Mr. Eric, founder, and CEO, said, “The virtual reality game Metaverse game will be a DeFi financial market that will reach billions of dollars in 2022 and the following years, users can earn profit when they leave time and creativity in the game” The valuation of cryptocurrencies, especially on changing the financial system, are gaining popularity as Blockchain technology that is developed into the traditional fields. Beside that, the NFT has also got attention over the world in recent times. The video game industry and NFT in-game applications have been growing very strongly. Many Big-Tech in the world have understood this and are investing billions of dollars in the development of video games based on Blockchain technology. Therefore, Galaxy ForceX has invented a way to combine Blockchain and NFT-based gaming worlds and create a universe of unique digital characters. None-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Blockchain, in the future, will be unique tokens of identity for virtual assets. Galaxy ForceX applies Blockchain technology to reach ordinary consumers through these strategies: · Tokenization of digital NFT items. · The concept of playing to earn money. · Consumers' passion for Blockchain technology · Open-source code welcomes users with diverse technical levels · Revenue-based model can be maintained with GFX value inflation limit Galaxy ForceX was created and developed with user-friendly and easy to play with the aim of keeping players entertained and rewarded in the game. Galaxy Force X is designed according to the following principles: · Ownership of in-game assets · The value of the NFT item collection · Community interaction Galaxy Force X offers 2 TOKENs to use, exchange, and trade: Galaxy ForceX (GFX) and Floki Musk Inu (FMUSK). Guidelines for using Galaxy ForceX's TOKEN · Use BNB to open the Pack to receive random spaceships and NFT items · Use GFX to randomly open spaceships, upgrade ships, and merge ships. GFX hosting can be Farming and Stacking on the NFT marketplace. Playing game to reward GFX · Use and store FMUSK to power up your Spaceship, Farming and Staking The video game industry and the application of NFT in games have quickly become an inevitable trend of Blockchain technology.. Therefore, Galaxy ForceX has created a way to combine Blockchain and NFT based game worlds in Metaversegames"

Galaxy Force X ( GFX ) price today is $0.000712481375289. GFX price is up 7.3 % in the last 24 hours.


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