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What is Xtremcoin ?

Xtremcoin is an international open source exchange project. It was developed by Geliyoo Bilişim. The aim of the project is to enable each exchange office to create its own exchange platform, which allows exchange offices to exchange easily and quickly, and to create an interconnected match within the same network. It would be correct to add that there is an R&D project that can use different wearable technologies and technologies such as rings, bracelets and credit cards within itself.

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Xtremcoin Open Source Exchange platform and ring Payment Gateway

Wearable technologies are rapidly taking their place in our lives all over the world. Xtremcoin brings you a brand new technology in the world of crypto money. Possibility to pay with rings, bracelets and glasses. Payment infrastructures to be made on a href="https:xtremcoin.com" target="_blank"Xtremcoin.coma, our own software infrastructure, will offer you the opportunity to pay with a ring on your finger or a bracelet on your arm, with the partnership of a href="https:cryptofon.com" target="_blank"cryptofon.coma and Visa and MasterCard integrations, including a href="https:simplex.com" target="_blank"Simplex.coma card systems.   This opportunity, which will be offered to you with the crypto money in your account or with stable money, ensures your security in every sense. With the NFC technology in the ring, you will be able to benefit from all NFC-connected devices that you will use on glasses or the app. By locking your mobile phone, your computer, even your home or car door, you will be able to secure it. The ring technology will be made available to you in a very light, convenient and fully approved form that has passed all virus and biological tests. Rings, bracelets and glasses will be charged separately. Since every purchase will be made with XTR only and every technology to be used in it will only pay Fee fees with XTR, it will be mandatory for each user to have XTR in hand. XTR offers both low fees and very fast transfers to users. The advantages that Xtremcoin, ie XTR, will offer you are not limited to these, as it is a constant need, it will have a structure that you can use in all areas such as your product purchases, coffee, tea, cake, grocery shopping and collect special points. In other words, the purpose is not just to use rings. The most valuable thing here is to be able to use wearable technologies without different requirements. Xtremcoin is a work accepted by many institutions in Turkey and Europe. In fact, it may be the credit card infrastructure that we will use that they accept :) Wearable technologies exist almost everywhere, it would not be right to say that we invented it. However, I think it would be the most correct sentence to say that we are the first to do this work in the crypto money ecosystem. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing day by day and is becoming a tool that can be used almost everywhere in the world. As the first company to introduce wearable technologies to the market, we show great care and sensitivity in our work....

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