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What is Tiny Titans V2 ?

Tiny Titans is intended to be a Tamagotchi – meets – Pokémon like experience for its users . The team therefore created a dApp which allows a user to hatch his / her very own and unique Tiny Titan with . Once a user minted a Titan , he can help it grow by sending it into battle against other Titans , leading it to experience , increase its level and boost its overall strength – all while taking care of it by feeding it once in a while . The reward for this is the unique Tiny Titans token ( TITS ) , which can only be minted during a fight and which will serve as an ingame currency for upcoming features .

The initial release happened with the base 300 Titans to keep an exclusive and truly unique flavor to them . As the game is 100 % blockchain driven , each interaction between the user and his / her Titan is a transaction on the Binance Smart Chain and visible to everybody . This makes the game unique , as most other blockchain driven projects rely on NFTs ( which in most cases simply consist of a link to an off – chain stored image ) stored on the blockchain , while all the game logic is executed and stored off – chain – leaving the power of will to the developers . Just imagine what happens if their server shuts down and no longer provides the artwork for their NFTs or the game logic – this can’t happen with the approach Tiny Titans chose . Welcome to the future of the crypto gaming industry . Welcome to decentralized gaming

Tiny Titans V2 ( TITS ) price today is $0.002212314903643. TITS price is down -6.9 % in the last 24 hours.


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