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What is Infinity Moon ?

ooO is the first propulsive token on Binance Smart Chain built to surge both value and liquidity creation. The token design inherits popular features such as automatic yield farming, black hole interplays, liquidity injections, and automatic buybacks based on sells while introducing new alien features such as buyback cooldowns.

This contract collects 6% buyback tax on each transaction and maintains it under contract. When activated the contract buys back a fraction, the full amount, or more than what was sold. Exclusive antibot features have been added to the contract to prevent bots from draining the contract.

30% of the supply was sent to the Black Hole at launch (also called dead or burn address). As this absorbs yield farming rewards in a proportional way to its token holdings, it ensures the circulating token supply decreases exponentially over time. Or, in other terms, hyper deflation for the ooO cryptocurrency.

Automatic Yield Farming:
This feature has been inherited from other projects due to its wide industry acceptance and its positive impact on creating loyal holders and strong communities. A 1% reflection fee on every transaction is re-distributed to holders automatically. The rewarded amount is proportionally shared based on individual holdings of ooO tokens. Just hold and watch your balance grow!

Infinity Fuel / Continuous Liquidity Injections:
Sufficient liquidity is paramount in every economy or protocol. A 3% liquidity fee on every transaction ensures a strong foundation and sustainable resources to fuel token-related activities, including our journey to the moon.

Reserve to community incentives / Marketing / listings:
A 2% fee is charged on buy back transactions only and sent to our community incentives fund. This will be used for marketing, exchange listings, and more actions to fuel the success of our journey to the moon and beyond.

NFT Marketplace - Staking:
Holders of ooO will be able to stake their tokens for exclusive NFTs from well known collection(s). Partnering with famous NFT collections allows us to provide this service to our community. ooO NFT marketplace is where you will be able to buy and sell the NFTs acquired through staking.

Stealth Launch / Community First:
ooO launched as an experimental stealth project by the community for the community and carried out in alignment with fair practices - no pre-sale, no private sale, no VC. Join the community and the journey to the moon while making new friends.

Infinity Moon ( ooO ) price today is $0.000000056812301. ooO price is up 1.3 % in the last 24 hours.


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