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What is Facebook Metaverse ?

Facebook Metaverse is a project that’s inspired by Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has changed its name to “Meta” in a shift away from social media and towards developing “the metaverse,” a digital world that could be the next generation of the internet and crypto currency.

We’re inviting you to join us as we navigate this journey to build the metaverse together, collaborating and learning as a community to deliver an even more connected world of developer solutions.

Have fun in a simple and merge game with crypto, for this you can earn cryptocurrencies in the form of cryptocurrencies


Facebook Metaverse ( FACEMETA ) price today is $0.000000000012076. FACEMETA price is down 0 % in the last 24 hours.


Rob Tharp

What does this coin do ?

2021-11-23 21:33:40

venus nangcas

Mooning.. Go Facemeta...your name will shake the world.

2021-11-25 14:06:28

Hung Nguyen

Nice project

2021-12-03 08:16:13

Technology Knowledge

Lets Go to Moon facemeta

2021-12-06 16:47:46

venus nangcas

Project is very promising..keep updating dev..🥰🥰🥰

2021-12-08 23:26:27


scam mother fucker

2021-12-11 04:55:52


facemeta creator is mother fucker sister fucker son of pimp

2021-12-11 04:56:42


who knows more ? is it a scam ? who is the "creator" ?

2021-12-18 02:50:29

Gsm fixfon

Is this real or scam ? Any one can tell us true Fixfon3g@gmail.com

2021-12-18 09:01:06

Alex Alin

Its not a scam!

2021-12-19 13:43:41


its a great project, ill hold this token for a long time... to the moon🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

2021-12-20 06:31:27

Tenry Lili

the project is very good and i am sure facemeta will be a great success because it is supported by a clear roadmap and metaverse technology and a solid dev team, buy it and hold it

2021-12-21 06:20:00

Indra Jaya Kusuma

No scam ...good projek ..to the moon 🚀🐉

2021-12-23 15:36:12

Yan syarif Hidayat

To the moon 🚀🚀

2021-12-24 12:49:27

Yan syarif Hidayat

To the moon 🚀🚀🚀

2021-12-24 15:58:26

ankit shukla

This coin will create history to reach on great height Soon you will see this coin can create too many BILLIONARE with in some month hold it tight ❤️🥳

2021-12-25 15:05:45

ankit shukla

This coin is gem ❤️❤️🥳who long hold will be become richer ❤️

2021-12-25 15:07:31


FaceMeta_Token Memiliki Projek yang bagus...

2021-12-26 21:57:48

teguh nuryono

Good project

2021-12-27 05:29:16


I think It's Good for long term investment

2022-01-02 00:40:42


Facebook Metaverse has no news for the moment !


Facebook Metaverse-swap Facebook Metaverse-swapon-flooz-trade


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