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What is ArchAngel Token ?

The ArchAngel Token is a crypto project focused on developing innovative solutions that promote and accelerate the global adoption of cryptocurrency and digital assets. The token’s self-sustaining ecosystem and tokenomics support a multi-generational crypto asset designed to add value and features through the development, refinement, and execution of a comprehensive technical roadmap. Core groups of technical experts from within the community work together to execute specific aspects of development, integration, testing, and fielding. Please read our Whitepaper located on our website.

ArchAngel’s two-prong Technical Roadmap follows two concurrently executed development paths. Our "Feature Path" incorporates new features into the token every 3 months. The first 3 features being developed are the Staking Pool, BNB Cross-Chain, and Swaps/Exchanges with other popular and successful tokens. The "Epic Path" is the second path within our Technical Roadmap and contains the detailed exploration, analysis, and research of 2 specific sectors within Crypto. These sectors were chosen by community vote and represent primary functional areas within Crypto where innovation and technical solutioning are required. Our Epics are major pieces of functionality and have a 9-month timeline from discovery to solution. Please read our Technical Roadmap and Ecosystem Roadmap located on our website.

Tokenomics were designed at onset to support a long-term and self-sustaining ecosystem. There are 100Q in the total supply and 45% were burned at launch. This deflationary token has a minimal 6% transaction tax that supports the self-sustaining ecosystem. That tax is distributed as follows:  2% are burned, 2% go to holders as rewards, and 2% goes to the project's secure Multi-Signature wallet to support our Exchange listings, Marketing, Staking Pool, and Charitable donations. Anti-dump mechanisms were included and our Liquidity has been locked for 1 year through TrustSwap.

ArchAngel Token ( ARCHA ) price today is $0.000000000323813. ARCHA price is down -2.85 % in the last 24 hours.


Paolo Puccinelli

The next big thing. This will for sure blow up in some months

2021-10-03 14:21:10

Pablita Lucero

Yes buy and hold

2021-10-03 15:00:03

Nistor Daniel

big project

2021-10-04 07:18:57

ArchAngel Token

Collaborate, design, build, test, release. Rinse & repeat. We build this ecosystem one block at a time and those who have the patience to witness that will benefit the most.

2021-10-04 18:32:03

Kevin Owens

This project has a great development team, This is the token to buy hold and watch it grow. Check it out, look at the white paper and the great road map!

2021-10-05 12:58:22

K.Tharma K

Great team with full transparency

2021-11-23 16:58:18

kevin t mcknight

get sum!

2022-01-29 05:45:08

Hugo Alejandro


2022-05-17 15:43:46


ArchAngel Token has no news for the moment !


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