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What is Save Squid Dao ?

Save Squid DAO is committed to reduce the dependency on Market Makers by helping your favorite community coin, be it Shib, Baby Doge, Squid or any other project. Every community coin has its own hustle and most of the times they get stuck in the process of making their project attractive. 
Token Scarcity, Liquidity, Influencer Marketing and listing in top exchanges are some of the key features that makes a project attractive, now many projects achieve all these goals with a great planning and initial funds. Some projects don’t really get there at first go but we believe everyone deserves a second chance. 
SSD is creating a DAO that will use community wisdom to allocate funds to community projects within DeFi. Depending on DAO’s decision SSD can also be utilized as an insurance against rug pull or project failure for investors holding SSD token before the decision is made. 
As charity begins at home, DAO can also decide to reward themselves bringing the possibility of variable reflection. All in all, investors will have full control over the course of SSD growth and use of funds. 
As a stand-alone entity Save Squid DAO acquires liquidity automatically on each transaction. With a total supply of 460,000,000 and only 64% in current circulation, SSD aims to create a burn mechanism outside the funds generated during transactions. Creating an NFT market place, development of Play To Earn Poker game and going further to collaborate with VR developers in an effort of parallel shift to Metaverse will be achieved in phases. 
Save Squid DAO is a chance for you to get in the venture capitalist’s shoes and change the world for those who want to change their world.

Save Squid Dao ( SSD ) price today is $0.000009047776507. SSD price is down -1.78 % in the last 24 hours.


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save squid Dao

Good Project to invest with doxed team

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