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What is Master Doge Chef ?

🍜Meet Master Doge Chef! 

The fastest chef in the doge world serving his customers with the fastest BNBs meals. 
Something to drink? Grab some chill drink and sit to enjoy the BBQ Grill and Ravioli parties. If you leave, you pay part of the bill to the other customers. Food and drink is always free if you hold a plate in your table!  

🥗Menu please?

-14% of each payment done to the chef will be split amongst the customers in form of BNB. 

 -The BNB rewards will be automatically distributed each 10min so the customers only need  to sit and see how the BNBs grow in their wallets.

-2% of each payment done will be  added to Liquidity Pool so that the price floor increases and the restaurant has always a healthy liquidity.

-4% extra fee is applied to the customers that want to sell their tokens. The rest of the customers will give thanks as this extra fee 

-Sells are restricted to less than 0.05% of the total supply. This reduced swing-trading and break whales' control. 

-The contract is being audited by Techrate and a future Solidproof extra audit (you can view the update on the website very soon!).

🍔Hey Marketing?

Check what is running now and after Launching

▫️Presale Marketing (Team funds)

-Strong worldwide presence on poocoin with high CPM banner prints

-Reddit posts on the biggest cryptogroups

-First soft Twitter promos and $paid giveaways

-Marketing in our own Reddit channel

-Marketing in our own Twitter channel

-Listings and votes at the majority of votewebs (coinsniper, coinvote, rival, freshcoin, gemfinder,...)

-Glam giveaway (3 prizes to earn BNB and MDCH tokens)

▫️Sale Marketing (Chef marketing wallet)

-Increase of Poocoin banners CPM printed ratio

-Listing on un-vetted List on Poocoin website

-Profesional Youtube promos

-Twitter + Instagram influencers as a regular basis

-Project listing at Coingeko

-Project listing at Coinmarketcap

🍕A bit more on detail please?

The total supply minted  is 100000000000 MDCH. 

Initialy,79% of supply will be distributed at presale under DXsale contract. Remaining supply for liquidity will be locked 1 year and directly added to pancake. Within the liquidity supply 12% is locked and reserved for the burning BBQ holder parties.

40% of the tokens are burnt before presale.

8% of supply will be locked for airdrops to be spreaded at the Raviolis parties.

6% will be kept on Chef wallet for marketing and buybacks.

3% will be kept for project developing, audits and NFT.

2% will be lock for the project team

2% Dxsale Presale fees

🔒Liquidity locked link:


We have designed our presale in the most beneficial way for our early investors. We call this setup "fair presale." 90% of the projects are dead in hours. Why? It is very simple. High hard Caps and high presale rates.

If everyone has pre-purchased 1500BNB HC; Who else is left to buy and raise the price at launch? Nobody ... 

If the presale rate is 50% or even 100%. Who wouldn't sell after the presale? Some ... 

We have set a very low presale and presale HC rate to have an organic pump, allowing people to increase the price of their own and avoid the initial dump. Less risk, more confidence, more benefits, much more health 👍


-Date: August 1st, 2021 17:00 UTC on DXsale

-Pre-sale link:

-Soft / hard cover: 150 / 300BNB

-Minimum / Maximum purchase: 0.1 / 3BNB

-Liquidity cake: 75%

-After the pre-sale, the token will be listed first in PancakeSwap with a rest period (probably 1-2 hrs)

✅CONTRACT: 0x2b0958d6e1c93f48f40b4b656d8BE7d565D1DDB7

Telegram account is growing organically without bots. Join to stay tuned!   





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