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What is Shima Enaga ?

Why We Exist

The Shima Enaga team believes that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an essential part of creating a future where individuals are in complete control of their own finances. However, DeFi in its current state is not a safe place for most due to the lack of knowledge possessed by the average investor. The Shima Enaga ecosystem exists to promote the mass adoption of DeFi by unifying legitimate crypto communities and providing fundamental education to investors.


The Shima Enaga Ecosystem:

The Shima Enaga Ecosystem consists of two main elements: The Shima Enaga Academy and the $SHIMA token. The Shima Enaga Academy will be the primary way that the vision and mission are accomplished in bringing education to DeFi. The $SHIMA token exists as the primary way to invest into the Ecosystem and also directly support the Shima Academy through a percentage of the buy/sell tax.

Core Values:


In a space that carries the reputation of being full of scammers, Shima Enaga will always be honest and forthright when dealing with investor funds and the future of the project.



The Shima Enaga team will always be open and transparent with the community, and have put measures (such as multi-signature wallets) in place to further increase accountability.



Education is the driving force of the entire Shima Enaga ecosystem, the filter through which all decisions for the future of the project are made.


Vision & Mission:

The vision of Shima Enaga is a society where all people have equal financial opportunity through DeFi as a result of education provided by the Shima Academy.


The mission of Shima Enaga is to strengthen the DeFi space through education by creating a virtual academy, regularly hosting community events that feature keynote speakers, and providing a safe investment environment with our token, $SHIMA.

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