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What is Pugsy Malone ?

Pugsy Malone - $PUGSY. 

$PUGSY is a decentralised digital currency and newest member of the dog meme family - THE FIRST & ONLY PUG!

The core team contains six members from the United Kingdom and another based in Australia that manages the global moderation team, plus international relations.

Our mission was created by a group of passionate cryptocurrency freelancers who champion the safety and education of the individual investor, ensuring that we create a safer space for population of the BSC.

We recently partnered with the s00n team to bring our dream of a rug free and more inclusive investing experience to the world.

Pugsy launched with super stealth on Monday 18th October 2021 at 20.25 to bring you BUSD rewards and a community of friends that act more like family!

Upon our launch, we focused on organic growth to create a solid floor of investors and a close knit community of friends, fellow investors and other development teams!

In the first three days, we broke three all time high’s in 48 hours and relocked our liquidity for six months to represent these unprecedented heights. 

The brand-new reward and wallet tracker DApp was released by the s00n team on day three and was immediately followed by our website, plus roadmap!

You can now view your $PUGSY balance in real time at the click of a button here - https://pugsymalone.s00n.team/

The DApp also allows you to see the current market cap, USD price of Pugsy, rewards and all rewards that have been distributed since our inception.

This allows you to instantly check every aspect of your investment. It also includes a link to the $PUGSY chart, pancake swap link and telegram channel.

All of this was achieved without any marketing and simply through word of mouth.

We will produce a Pugsy Malone NFT range and a range of other hidden gems for stages four, five and six.

Further afield we will focus on creating a cross chain NFT marketplace that can host Solana, Ethereum, Matic and BSC NFT projects.

Stay tuned - we are just getting warmed up!

Made with love by the Pugsy Familia

Pugsy Malone ( $PUGSY ) price today is $0.000000003938883. $PUGSY price is up 1.41 % in the last 24 hours.


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