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What is BRICKS ?

It’s our mission to make property investment accessible to everyone, delivering extraordinary returns for ordinary people.

With MyBricks you’ll be able to invest your crypto into diversified property funds that will generate monthly rental yield. That yield will then be distributed back into your wallet via smart contracts.

Each fund will also have unique perks for investors like low cost rental on premium accommodation, discounts on home improvement services and much more.

Crypto allows you to get involved in one of the most stable, high yield generating asset classes – bricks and mortar – without all the fees, hassle and large investment amounts that come with investing fiat.

BRICKS ( BRICKS ) price today is $0.000105238129053. BRICKS price is down -1.62 % in the last 24 hours.


Kenneth Murray

Wonderful project. Easily the best I've been apart of ever

2021-08-07 08:09:14

Paul Clark

Great Project, huge potential and will be a huge part of the property investment market really soon

2021-08-07 08:41:21

David Dickson

Massive support for bricks let's go 🧱

2021-08-07 09:20:11

Terry Huth

Mybricks are my no 1 token. Get in quick

2021-08-07 09:26:55

LJI Bathrooms & Wetrooms Ltd

Love MyBricks, massive opportunity for long term growth 🧱🔥

2021-08-07 09:27:47

Andy Smart

One of the best projects to be launched this year still in it's infancy has huge potential with real utility and a great team who are fully committed to its growth and future success

2021-08-07 10:15:42


I'm loving this coin. The team always answer any questions in regular AMAs, and now they are posting weekly podcasts to keep us all informed on the behind the scene action. Loving feeling part of this project and enjoying watching on the side lines. Early days yet but the charts say it all. Slow and steady .... until the properties are bought .... in the next few weeks. Exciting times ahead.

2021-08-07 12:16:06

Mark Greenfield

Bricks are cheap ATM

2021-08-08 10:02:19

Ed Vaughan

This token is going places. In fact, it's buying places! The first token I have found that actually does something - lets you invest in property for as little as $10!! #brickarmy for the win!!

2021-08-09 19:05:57


Love this project! It’s on a whole different level. Great team - total transparency!

2021-08-10 09:21:40

Mark Kedzoira

what a project to be involved with, looking forward to the future of mybricks

2021-08-10 13:39:23

Liam Inwood

Massive growth potential & the team/community are straight 🔥

2021-08-15 20:54:40

Darren Harbour

Great team, great support and so far great growth!

2021-08-22 09:27:21

Encho Enchev

First time I find such a crpyto project. Just flawless!!

2021-08-22 13:13:25

Darren Harbour

First project that actually convinced me to get involved with crypto. No regrets this far! Great people and great initiative.

2021-09-06 08:58:25


BRICKS has no news for the moment !


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