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What is Glactic Kitty Fighters ?

The platform initially sells 7000 G-Kitty NFTs, which became the starting point of the entire DMC Metaverse. All G-Kitty/G-Kitty NFTs are a symbol of status in the DMC platform. In the DMC decentralized world, all players are in a decentralized world. G-Kitty/G-Kitty NFT is a symbol of players’ status and a ticket for all play-to-earn. Except for the 7,000 G-Kitty NFTs, all future G-Kitty NFTs will be created by players themselves. Any two G-Kitties can give birth to five baby G-Kitties (inbreeding is not allowed). The G-Kitty is the source of all G-Kitties. The DMC platform has sold out 7000 G-Kitty NFTs at an ultra-low price, and it is confirmed in the contract that they will never be sold again. G-Kitties have two dimensions to assess value. One is the purity of G-Kitties. Each G-Kitty is generated by a six-part combination algorithm. The six parts have the same color system, which is the purest G-Kitty NFT. All G-Kitty NFTs are purebred. Another evaluation dimension is the attributes of G-Kitties. Each G-Kitty has seven attributes, which are randomly generated when they are born. Every two G-Kitties reproduce one baby G-Kitty, and each G-Kitty can only reproduce five times. Reproducing G-Kitty will consume a lot of GKF tokens and 0.01BNB (KBP tokens will be used later). GKF token is an incentive token for the DMC platform, and the total amount is limited. The main output method is that players with G-Kitty/G-Kitty NFT can obtain GKF tokens through game mining in multiple games. Whether there is a G-Kitty in the wallet address is the key to obtaining GKF tokens in the game. G-Kitty NFT is the account and the ticket of the games. Only if players have a G-Kitty, they are eligible to mine. GKF token is only produced in games, and more and more high-quality games will be launched on the DMC platform. GKF tokens positions to bring both wealth and entertainment value to players. The GKF token produced in the game has multiple usage requirements. 1. Can be directly traded in trading markets such as Pancake. 2. Breeding G-Kitties needs to consume a lot of GKF tokens, which is a rigid demand for the expansion of the entire platform. 3. There are many high-quality games that can use GKF tokens to get a better gaming experience. 4. All the consumed GKF tokens will be stored in the game fund for public storage. When used again, the used quantity will be burned (completely destroyed) 10% as the start-up cost. The game fund is used to acquire new games and return to all users for game mining. DAO will decide when and how much to use in the future. The value judgment of G-Kitty NFT in the DMC platform has three dimensions. 1. Purity, each G-Kitty has 6 parts, if it is of the same color, it is a purebred G-Kitty, and all G-Kitties are purebred. Whether all offspring G-Kitties are born pure or not depends on the genetic algorithm, and all G-Kitties are generated by the algorithm. 2. Each G-Kitty has seven attributes, which are random numbers generated by the contract. Purity and attributes will affect the performance of G-Kitty NFT in many games and mining. 3. Number of reproducing G-Kitties. Each G-Kitty has the ability to reproduce five times. Direct blood relatives cannot reproduce with each other. G-Kitty NFT can be listed on any NFT market, as long as it supports the BSC chain. All NFTs sold in the NFT market of the DMC platform are priced by users themselves, and a 4.25% gas fee is charged for each sale. Half of the fees will go to the treasure fund pool of the entire DMC platform. This fund pool will be used to reward users who continue to lock up KBP token for one year. KBP token is the governance token of the platform and also shows core value. Its long-term holders will have the future governance rights of the platform and the rewards of the treasure fund pool. Users who reproduce G-Kitty NFTs on the entire platform, trade G-Kitty NFTs, and conduct game mining can get KBP token rewards through the contribution ranking. The core production of KBP token comes from the Planet: home of the G-Kitties. The entire DMC platform has 30,000 Planet NFTs, and 1,000 Planet NFTs are sold in each phase, which will strictly limit the number of Planets. Whether to start sale of Planet NFTs is related to the number of the born G-Kitties. Every time an additional 10,000 G-Kitties are added, the next batch of Planet NFTs are going to start sale. The owner of each Planet can dispatch the G-Kitty/G-Kitty NFT in the wallet to take an adventure in the universe to obtain KBP tokens, as well as the opportunity to obtain various mineral NFTs. The Planet needs to be upgraded with mineral NFTs. Upgrading the Planet can dispatch more G-Kitties to explore in order to obtain more profits. In the follow-up plan, the Planet will continue to be built into a large editable community of users, and the owner of each Planet can open up plots to allow everyone to participate in the construction of the Planet’s homeland. The positioning of Planet Home is a spiritual home for G-Kitties, and a place to build homes and entertain friends. In the future, Planet Home will be open to all users for joint development and joint co-construction. In the follow-up development, Planet Home will be more inclined to immersive social. The positioning of the chain game is an interesting and game-filled adventure space. The first game in the chain game is Pet Garden, which is a casual elimination type game. The second game is Brave World, a high-quality card game of heroic adventure. The third game is a large-scale 3D competitive game. And more chain games will continue to be launched in the future. Users can choose any interested game, and get mining rewards corresponding to each G-Kitty on the day. The launch of each new game will bring more gameplay and new experience to users, and these will bring more demand for G-Kitty NFTs, which will drive the prosperity of the entire trading market. The prosperity of the trading market will also drive the growth of the treasure fund pool and bring long-term high-value benefits to KBP token holders. The way to judge long-term KBP token holders is the DeFi module. DeFi is divided into liquid mining and KBP token staking mining. KBP token long-term lock-up users will be able to become long-term partners of the entire platform and gain more rights and benefits. The entire DMC platform is a chain game Metaverse with G-Kitty NFT as the protagonist. The three core modules are Planet Home Project, chain game mining, and DeFi value-added mode. These three modules will have continuous expansion capabilities and drive continuous wealth growth. The G-Kitty NFT system takes reproduction as the core and transaction as the acceleration, and continuously expands the qualifications of new users. Chain game mining can continue to bring more and better play-to-earn new games to players all over the world.

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