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What is Push Community ?

Push Community is a 100% community-based token that seeks to increase the success rate of new crypto projects by offering them unparalleled 100% organic social media publicity.

The primary goal of Push Community is to ensure that crypto projects leverage the mighty of social media pertaining to popularisation and familiarisation to attain the threshold requirements for the commencement of the project.


Push Community cares about crypto projects of any kind. In this regard, it has established that social media can help new crypto projects gain traction fat enough. To achieve this, Push Community cultivates the ‘pusher’ or ’shiller‘ mentality among its members so that they can help other crypto projects stand.


Pusher Community comprises members who have exclusive social media marketing capabilities, who can use their skills to attract and grab the public’s attention.

Pushers/shillers are essentially social media influencers based exclusively on the push Community, who can cause influence on a wide array of social media platforms, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, TikTok.


 Push Community (PCOM) tokens are the ticket for accessing the unmatched advertising services of Push Community pushers/shillers for the given crypto project. Once the PCOM token is purchased, Push Community pays the best pushers/shillers to popularise or push the crypto project on all socials and ensure that the project’s goal is reached. 


Push Community ( PCOM ) price today is $0.000000000601642. PCOM price is up 2.92 % in the last 24 hours.


Push Community has no news for the moment !


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❖ Rank Blue Diamond : > 20,000 votes.