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What is VOLTA ?

What is Volta? Volta comes to support Perpetuum by providing savings in the electricity consumption of mining and at the same time reducing the carbon footprint generated by cryptocurrency mining.Now, we have the opportunity to invest in 100% effective renewable energies. The continuous power consumption from the mining equipment offers an opportunity to optimize the resources obtained from photovoltaic energy.Through the Volta (VLT) token, we put in place an active feedback mechanism derived from selling the electricity produced by the solar panels that feed Perpetuumʼs mining electrical system. A necessity Mining in Perpetuum solves successfully the majority of problems that Bitcoin and Ethereum miners face currently. Some of the negative aspects of mining are the electricity costs and the environmental footprint.For that reason, Voltaʼs purpose is to join and support Perpetuumʼs mining electrical system, installing as many solar panels as needed to achieve a maximum decrease both in the electricity costs and in the environmental footprint. Market and utilities Currently, the solar photovoltaic market has a return of investment or ROI of approximately 3 years, since the cost-effectiveness is very low. Volta offers an opportunity to enter the high-productivity photovoltaic market, reducing that ROI to less than a year, without taking into account the movement experienced by the token itself.The utilities associated to the Perpetuum Ecosystem include the installation of mining equipment from investors and the rental of a hash share, a business in continuous growth that guarantees the request of more solar panels. Staking When PRP is not able to expand its mining capacity due to lack of capital, VLT will continue to feed PRP in the form of a loan. The mining ASICs that VLT provides to the PRP farm will be used for Staking. All the mining equipment provided by VLT will be allocated into the purchase of the PRP token, sharing the entirety of these tokens to the holders of VLT that are making use of the staking system, offering the possibility of hoarding PRP whilst the mining equipment impacts positively over the PRP token. From the Staking platform you can claim the PRP by transferring it to VLT by pressing the Claim button. It makes a swap from PRP to VLT and sends them to your wallet. Contract Address: 0x06a9568bd84EA8Ba832C9B1A38eFF34B53eF25e8 Website: https://powerofvolta.in/ Telegram: https://t.me/Powerofvolta Twitter: https://twitter.com/powerofvolta

VOLTA ( VLT ) price today is $0.000000000000137. VLT price is down -3.13 % in the last 24 hours.


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