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What is Shiba Team ?

Shiba Team is the next decentralized cryptocurrency token on the binance smart chain network for online betting and multiplayer game.
Shiba Team has learned a few tricks and lessons from his meme father, Shiba!

Now the Shiba Team must defend their planet and the scientific advances they have developed over the centuries. Each Shiba will be given a random set of high-tech clothing and defense items in which they will defend their planet. The luckiest ones will get unique combinations of suits that will give Shiba a 100% advantage over the invaders.

We have a total of 150+ different variants of equipment and backgrounds in this collection so each shiba is a sight to see!

We think our strengths are our transparency & our work to push this project as high as possible. And of course, as a Shiba Team holder, you are basically paid to hold the token.
Shiba Team is the ultimate all-in-one token, providing the very best in cutting edge coding. We have created a token that rewards like never before.

You get 5.5% reward for each sell transaction. A hyper-deflationary token with an automatic distribution of rewards. NO BURN TOKENS !. SHT provides a unique, new and exciting way to safely invest your finances.

We develop premium a quality game and provide the best entertainment to our players.
We have also got a wide range of global partners which includes some of the industry’s most influential operators.

Our commitment to working with top partners and producing highly entertaining and quality games is part of why we have achieved our success.

Our game is on testing and is implemented on the Binance smart contract. Now you can use the multiplayer game. You can use with partner or with the system. The system reserved 10% of tokens for the game. If you win, the maximum amount you can play is 10% of total tokens. If you lose, all your tokens will go to the smart contract

Shiba Team ( SHT ) price today is $0.000000000882055. SHT price is up 1.44 % in the last 24 hours.


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