Dec 5th 2021 21:56

What makes HelpKidz Coin stand out from other cryptocurrencies.

To facilitate international dissemination, (, like other cryptocurrencies, is also organized and managed in English. But it is appropriate to use the German language in this context to introduce HelpKidz Coin to the German-speaking world as well.

Accompany and support children
If children are free from economic pressure, they can develop freely and optimally at any age. They develop visions for their own lives and discover goals to work towards. Adults can hinder or encourage such intellectual growth. Poverty and scarcity stand in the way of a life-affirming path.

This is where Helpkidz Coin comes in, building a growing community through decentralized economies. Fundamental projects and developer solutions for children are financially supported and advanced. When a coin is purchased, a two percent share is transferred to a charity wallet. Once enough has accumulated there, the euro amounts are transferred directly to a project or converted into in-kind contributions. The HelpKidz Coin provides much-needed financial assistance or food, clothing or washing machines. The two percent aid benefits children throughout Europe. It is a safe investment in the future of these children, because their lives are improved. At the same time, each HelpKidz Coin buyer receives a three percent increase in value.

The team projects of Helpkidz Coin
Team Children's Facilities generally takes care of crèches and kindergartens, after-school care centers and child-friendly playgrounds. Team Children with Disabilities complements this work with attention to the special needs of children with disabilities. Team Street Children provides them with food, hot meals and drinking water, clothing, necessary medical care and much more. The team for a beautiful home for children takes care of the furnishing of children's rooms such as a new crib, bedding, toys, minor renovations and repairs and much more.

Tokenomics or the supply and demand characteristics.
- Token Name: HelpKidz Coin
- Ticker Symbol: HKC
- Starting price before the ICO: HelpKidz Coin for BNB 0.01 / 50,000
- Maximum Eroiy for sale: 1 billion (technical limit).
- Fundraising goal: $100,000

HelpKidz Coin is released based on the Binance Smart Chain platform and fully complies with the BEP20 standard. The support of this standard guarantees the token's compatibility with third-party services such as wallets, exchanges, listings. It enables easy integration.

Get active and profit
A cryptocurrency, also called a cybercurrency, is digital money. HelpKidz Coins are currently traded on the Panckakswap exchange. Listing on other major exchanges is planned. The value of a cryptocurrency like HelpKidz Coin depends on the extent to which the coin achieves business and financial success in the market. Since its number is limited to 1 billion units, a steady and increasing demand leads to the increase of its price.

To buy and sell, send and receive HelpKidz Coin, one creates a Meta Mask or Trust Wallet using an office computer or a mobile device. The wallet is connected to Pancakeswap by selecting the "Connect to a wallet" option and choosing a wallet. The abbreviation BNB is derived from the English "bed and breakfast" and originally stood for a technique that arranges bed and breakfast.

Accordingly, BNB is the coin of a cryptocurrency in a crypto exchange blockchain. It is also used to pay transaction fees on the blockchain. BNB are sent to the wallet or purchased directly on Meta Mask. They can be transferred from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance to a Meta Mask or a trust wallet. The BEP-20 network should be used for this purpose. BNB can be exchanged for HelpKidz Coins by "selecting tokens".

A smart contract stands for a computer protocol with a contract or agreement between two parties without the need to involve a third party. Such a smart contract protocol must be able to verify the implementation of the contractor's obligations under an agreement.

The pre-sale with 22% discount has started
The previously described steps are easy to implement on ( The self-explanatory user guidance allows even newcomers to find their way around immediately. Making money is good, but making money together is better. Shared success improves the standard of living for communities and families.

HelpKidz Coin increases transaction transparency by providing detailed and real-time logs of all transactions. At the same time, competitiveness is preserved. Smart Chain's low transaction fees make transactions easy for everyone. Holders are rewarded on a daily basis. Tokens are distributed to all community holders for each transaction.

While decentralized finance (DeFi) continues to make waves and maintain its parabolic growth, the Helpkidz Coin will be revolutionary and provide multiple ways for the community to receive benefits through the use of coins and also play an important role in the success of projects. The partners are CoinGecko, Binance Smart Chain and CoinMarketCap.