Jan 15th 2024 03:07


With a current supply of 1.45 billion TT Meme tokens, including 300 million reserved for SKT holders, numerous opportunities exist to earn Thriends meme tokens. Act promptly and stake your Thriends NFT to be part of this rewarding journey!

Thriends Token, designed to reward NFT holders, assumes a pivotal role in this community-driven project. NFTStreetKid, a prominent Threads influencer, spearheads Thriends, ensuring an inclusive and artistically rich experience for all participants.

IEO of Thriends Token is already started on P2B

Embarking on its inaugural journey with enthusiasm, the Thriends project anticipates significant success. As a community-driven initiative, the Thriends team actively explores avenues to enhance the utility of the Thriends token, emphasizing distinctive features that add value and offer a meaningful purpose for token holders. This commitment aims to foster engagement and facilitate seamless trading within the Thriends community.


Thriends NFT, a meticulously crafted collection developed between mid-April and November 2023, features custom-designed artwork requiring over 1,500 hours of dedication. As an exciting new project, Thriends introduces the Thriends Token (TT) for SKT holders, offering an opportunity to earn Thriends meme tokens through NFT staking. The anticipated launch of the Thriends meme token is scheduled for the year 2024, with a staking rate currently set at a high 0.3 TT per second. This presents a lucrative opportunity for quick token accumulation, although the staking rate is expected to gradually decrease as NFT holdings rise. The total supply of TT Meme tokens is 1.45 billion, including 300 million reserved for SKT holders. Thriends, driven by community engagement, is owned and operated by NFTStreetKid, a prominent figure in the Threads influencer community. Stake your Thriends NFT now to participate in earning Thriends meme tokens!

Engaging the community across various platforms, Thriends nurtures a strong sense of connection. To stay informed about real-time events and gain insights, it's highly recommended to follow the Threads account for an immersive Thriends experience.

Thriends NFT Collection is a testament to the artistic dedication, intricately crafted between mid-April and November 2023, showcasing unique artwork that required over 1,500 hours of meticulous effort.

In its initial stages, Thriends introduced the Thriends Token (TT) exclusively for SKT holders. Staking Thriends NFTs allows participants to earn Thriends meme tokens, with the eagerly awaited launch set for 2024. The current staking rate is a generous 0.3 TT per second, offering significant token rewards. However, as the NFT community expands, the staking rate will gradually adjust.

Email: info@thriends.io

Company: Thriends Token

Website: thriends.io