Sep 2nd 2021 16:16

Papp Token start to sell PC Game via PAPP

With the team's announcement yesterday, Clock Wizard game maker's Haunt Chaser game will now be sold with PAPP. Investors are excited for the sale, which will be launched on September 1. The purpose of the PAPP token was to be used as a payment method globally. The team has completed the software to achieve this. At, developers can start selling their products with PAPP in a very short time. You can see the API document and other details on the site.

Apart from these, they burned 7 Billion tokens a few days ago. Satisfied with the interaction they received, the team decided to burn 7.5 billion more on September 6th.

According to the statement made by Papp yesterday, they stated that they applied to LATOKEN for the listing competition.

In short, there are three major developments. Burning, Listing and Game selling.

Let's see where the road will go for PAPP.