May 11th 2022 02:17

MM72. On May 14, the token designed to swap Non Performing Tokens is listed

It's official! The ICO of MM72 token is scheduled for 14:00 UTC on May 14 on the exchange.

MM72 is a Bep-20 token mined on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. It represents the first asset with which all the non-performing tokens in the upcoming swap (MM72 swap) can be effectively exchanged. An immense amount given the continuous crypto scams and the various meme coins that continue to appear and fill the wallets of users with trillions of worthless assets.

The algorithm of the tool related to the usability of the MM72 token instead promises the swap of non-performing tokens with values ​​from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100 times the ascertained value (which in MM72 can never be absolute zero). This algorithm allows you to decline the air drop logic of the just listed tokens into advantages for users and in fact revive latent availability on your wallets.

A concept that takes its cue from the multi-billion dollar banking market of trading on NPL (Non Performing Loans) which, when transferred to a crypto environment, becomes NPT or Non Performing Tokens.

All wisely seasoned with marketing logic that would make MM72 a really attractive token for crypto investors.

The mined quantity of MM72 Tokens is limited to 100 Billions of which almost 90% is destined for incentives for staking, loyalty and liquidity mining to favor the benefits to users who want to convert their Non Performing Tokens portfolio with MM72s.

The listing of the MM72 token will therefore take place on 14 May 2022 at 14:00 UTC on and promises absolutely significant performances. The initial listing value will be set at $ 0.005. Suffice it to say that already today a higher value can be found and in the pre.listing test phase the token has even reached the value of almost $ 10 each.

For all the info you can visit the dedicated website