Dec 29th 2021 05:29

Info Update about SpritzMoon

* On 17.12.2021, SpritzMoon decided, for the safety of all its Holders, to make a Switch on a new contract. (always BSC network and with the same Tokenomics) with the following address 0x6fC39AC154cfd20F1951A2823Abab7ec471B783a  with same symbol, marketable on official Exchange (currently Folgory Exchange) with the pairs Spritzmoon/BNB and Spritzmoon/Eur. The new token will therefore not be marketable on PancakeSwap. All holders will automatically receive the same amount of SpritzMoon Token on their wallet. The official price of SpritzMoon Token (Spritzmoon) will be exclusively that present on official CMC sites with feed price linked to the Exchange Folgory. If someone does not receive the new contract automatically write us to the email indicating your address wallet and the amount of SpritzMoon possession, we will send new SpritzMoon as soon as possible!