Sep 7th 2021 19:56

CREON Airdrop Stage 2 is Avaible Now!!!

Rain of gifts in Creon Token

We distribute a total of 1000000 CRTs to 1000 people participating in the airdrop through Coinscope, Coinalpha and Coinmooner. We distribute airdrops for each person they invite to those who participate in the airdrop on 

Our gift rain will continue until September 20, don't miss out...

Join Now!...


1- Go to link.

2- Join our Facebook, Twitter and Telegram groups.

3- Copy your referral code.

4- Share this code with your friends on social media or telegram.

5- Earn airdrops for every person you invite.

6- Send us your BSC wallet address and request airdrop shooting.

7- Your Airdrop will be sent to your wallet at the end of the pre-sale.