Sep 23rd 2021 03:45

BREAKING! First product can only be bought for $HPI is revealed!

We’ve adopted a prototype of the first product that can only be purchased with HPI! That means you can get it for our token only and not for any other money! It is a HUGE SUCCESS!

HUNGARIAN PIIPA🍺 (Puli Inu IPA) is a small series craft beer. The top-fermented, unfiltered beer has an alcohol content of 6%. The orange-amber and floral / strawberry-scented drink made from a blend of quality hops and 100% malt. Obviously it will be brewed specially for us! 



Another special feature of the beer is that a numbered and limited quantity is produced from it, so hopefully it will arouse the interest of collectors on an international level as well. PIIP beer will be available from Oct 1.

Wanna get this beer for a cheap price? You'd better buy HPI now! ;)

You can get HPI on Pancakeswap. Our Contract: 0x2f5c3d66e40e0777cf754c749ea58e5278d1ad1d