Dec 28th 2023 10:41

*The big Elon Musk-Satoshi Match 2024

The big competition of StarTEK Token (Quantum System) of the new generation of Cryptocurrency for Companies, Investors and and crypto enthusiasts:

Along with lottery and various prizes (Dogcoin, Bitcoin and BNB). You must prepare a new article (Paper format. Pdf, Word) maximum 10 pages or a good video or animation (Mp4, MWV, AVI) Maximum 100 Mb about future of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence in one of the blockchain fields with new ideas or offers. After peerreviewing and investigation, the winners will be informed.
1. Web3
2. Mining
3. Defi
4. AI
5. Blockchain
6. Metavers
7. Start-ups
8. Development

To participate in this exciting contest, please send your articles and videos to the official email address below and join Startek's Telegram and Twitter channels and share #startek and #future-crypto #elon_musk. All participants of the contest will be given a free token. Please send your wallet address (Deposite contract address for Startek) per E-mail.
TG. @startektoken

#elon_mask #startek