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Updated: Sep 4th 2021

What is Sipher ?

As meta-digital beings, Siphers embody the best technology and cryptography has to offer, the ability to traverse the digital landscape unbounded, unshackled, full of freedom and limitless potential. Representing the ethos that originated by the cypherpunks, that individual ownership and freedom are to be preserved and celebrated, they seek the create a new world, or worlds, that will enable mankind to achieve that previously thought unimaginable.

Given that backdrop, **SIPHΞR** was born to embrace **blockchain** technology to tackle the **NFT space.** we will make blockchain technology accessible to the average consumer through four main pillars:‌

- Entertainment and Game creation that leverage blockchain’s unique applications
- An approachable, consumer-facing oriented approach based on a genuine passion for blockchain technology and seamless user experience
- An open and education friendly platform inclusive to users of all levels of technical knowledge
- A sustainable revenue-based model based on sound financial foundations

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