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On Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain-BSC
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Updated: Jan 13th 2022

What is Raven the Game ?

Raven the Game is a play to earn game that is currently live on Google Play. You can play the game from your android phone or our website. We also have a token with the same name and we use it to reward our players. Top scorers of the game are getting paid with $RTG each week. You can earn money by playing a simple game!

$RTG token has some special properties inside it's contract to pump it's price after the launch and reward it's holders. $RTG token is a self liquidity generating token. What that means is, even if every holder of $RTG sells their tokens, the liquidity will never be 0, so the price can never be 0. There is a 3% tax on each transaction that goes straight to the liquidity pool. There is also another function that is called reflection.

Reflection means, automatical staking without having to lock your money to somewhere for a time. With this type of staking, you are in control of your investment and you are not forced to hold it for a time to get rewards. You can buy and sell whenever you want, and still use the benefit of the passive income. As long as you hold $RTG tokens in your wallet, they will multiply!

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