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On Blockchain: BNB Chain-BSC
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Updated: Feb 2nd 2022

What is OrcLands Metaverse ?

Orclands is a cryptocurrency project with a primary tradeable ORC token that is also used to purchase Orclands NFTs. These NFTs support multiple game play methods which can provide earnings for NFT holders.

Those wishing to invest in Orclands should know that the team will not compromise quality for short term gain. We understand that the cryptocurrency based game market is still developing and many have already failed. Therefore we will take measured steps in the release of new features attempting to consider future project implications. It should be noted that gameplay will not commence as soon as the tradable ORC token is launched, but at a later date as per the development plan.

There is also an issue of a lack of trust with many projects that 'scam' or 'rug pull' investors. The team will take measures to provide confidence to our investors that we are committed such as KYC, Audit, LP Lock and AMA's. We will not conduct a presale for Orclands, but rather invest our own time and funds to launch. This project will also not attempt to have a large community of players, but will instead initially have a smaller set to ensure game play remains rewarding, but not excessively. This community will have an involvement in many project decisions.

We thank you for taking the time to read this far, and hope to see you in Orclands.

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