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Updated: Jan 1st 2022

What is NEFTiLAND ?

NEFTiLAND is a Pet Tamer-inspired NFT Games which currently run in web (we are planning this game run on Mobile soon). Dragon is the main protagonist of NEFTiLAND. As a player, you can train your dragon, join the race, and earn the prize from it.


Background Story

One time there's empty land. The dragon lord watches the land it is so silent, without life. In that land, there's full of resources. Then the mighty Dragon gives the life to the Land and calls the Nefti.

Now the Nefti need the master who wants to pet them. Then the Nefti want to compete and play. The master is the important thing to the Nefti to make them the best.

The dragon lord is Very Happy watching Nefti have the activity and the world fulfill with happiness. Sometimes the dragon lord arrange the seasonal racing day. All the Nefti who participated will got the great prize.



  • Competing and Winning a Race

  • Selling Hatched Egg

  • Selling Dragon to marketplace

    • Collect Dragon, train, and upgrade. Unique Talent and Great Status has greater value.

    • Merge Dragon make dragon class change, and the price will follow.

  • Farming Neftiland Token from Dancing and Racing

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