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On Blockchain: BNB Chain-BSC
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Updated: Sep 21st 2022

What is Gem Guardian ?

GemGuardian Plot:
Ormoc, creator of realm of Ormocdania, gave birth to 2 sons. One is Narca, a being in human form which inherited Ormoc’s mystical power. Demca a being in dragon form that inherited his physical power and indestructible body.
Both brothers grew up to be arch nemesis. One day a fight broke out and Demca was killed by Narca. In order to revive Demca, Ormoc used his secret mystical powers to seal his soul into gems and dispersed all over the land of Ormocdania. Ormoc then sent Narca on a journey to retrieve all the gems in order to reincarnate Demca.
For 500 years Narca search the 5 continents but unable to find the gems, There he gave birth to the ancestors of the 5 elements that lived in separate continents where they continued his unfinished journey.

Play to Earn Model:
All Gem guardian players that complete battles and adventure will obtain Aura and Gpay token as a reward.
Gpay tokens could be sold on Dex, CEX, or GemGuardian marketplace and auctions
P2P live battles where both parties can put wager of Gpay tokens. Winner takes all.
Small fee is charged to obtain a Loot box with a mystery gift. Rare cards could be obtained where it will be 100x the players initial investment.
High APR staking pools can be used to obtain interest when staking Gemg and Gpay tokens.

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